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Mon-Fri / 11am-1am
Sat / 10am-1am
Sun / 10am-11pm
Brunch (Sat & Sun) / 10am-2pm

Reservations not accepted. Humans of all ages are welcome. Four-legged friends (with the exception of service animals) will need to stay at home.


2323 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647


Brewery + Tap Room


Wed-Thur / 2pm–10pm
Fri / 2pm–11pm
Sat / Noon–11pm
Sun / Noon–6pm
1/18/19 / 4pm-11pm

Email us for group reservations. We only serve beer at our tap room, but you're welcome to bring your own food. Humans of all ages are welcome. Four-legged friends (with the exception of service animals) will need to stay at home.


3340 N. Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618


Core Cans

The foundation of Revolution's identity, these year-round selections focus on a range of styles, each of which is continuously packaged fresh throughout the year.

Freedom Series

Light, easy-drinking beers naturally soured and brewed for refreshment.


For every season, there is a Revolution beer to match it. These rotating choices focus on ingredients and flavors that are well-suited for the current weather. As seasons change, so do the seasonal 6-packs.

Hero Series

On a solo mission of hop exploration, the most established Heroes are here to save the day with their rotating 6-pack series. Each specialty IPA summons the power of it's single hop focus or unique blend.

League of Heroes

When the enemy is gaining strength and a single Hero can't fight the battle alone, Anti-Hero assembles the League of Heroes.  Each "Issue"  of the variety 12-pack contains 4 unique IPAs, 3 cans of each, with at least one new Hero making his or her first appearance.  Bring the hop battle to your fridge by comparing and contrasting innovative hop profiles, canned within days of each other.  New issues will be released approximately 3 times per year.


Revolution prides itself on the ability to innovate, whether it be through new technology, process, ingredients or styles. Throughout the year, the brewers will release several new, specialty beers in limited runs of 6-pack cans.

Deep Wood Series

The Deep Wood Series shows off the interplay between wooden barrels and the liquid they hold. Seasonal temperature changes in our brewery send the beer in and out of the wood, exchanging flavors and developing rich character that allows you to taste the history of the barrel.

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